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Water on the Ground

03 August 2018

3 August 2018


The severity of the drought has resulted in failing crops and in most cases no winter crops, drastic water shortages and a severely diminishing supply of fodder.

“In 2015, after spending a lot of time in rural NSW, I decided to head to the Northern Territory for work. It was dry as I drove through Central Queensland, and when I say it was dry, the grass was beyond grey; there was no grass, just dirt - dirt for hundreds of kilometres. The few mobs of livestock you did see were poor. They were being fed just enough by the farmers to keep them alive in the hope they wouldn't have to sell off the last of their mob to sustain their livelihood.

“This song is very close to home and probably the song I am most proud of on my album which I released this year.

“I wrote it in late 2015 in the hallway of a hotel in Nashville. I didn’t write down the song – I just started playing the riff, turned my phone recorder on and sang it. It was all but completed, and at that moment I realised the importance of people hearing this song.

“The Australian public needs to realise the importance of looking after our rural community and I will do all I can to help.” Brad Cox

Brad asks you to give generously to your favourite farming charity and recommends:

Lyrics to 'Water On The Ground'
He's an old man, down on his knees
He's got a lonely tear, running down his cheek
Wearing his Sunday best not going to church
He's got a broken body, from a lifetime of work
He looks up to God and he prays
He says “when will you make it rain?”
But thank you for life on the land
Family and friends, not the fact that I ain't seen a cloud since two thousand and ten
Still not raining again
It's been so long since I found
Water On The Ground
There was once a time, he had no other choice
Than to leave behind, his two little boys
He was out in his field, standing alone
But he put that rifle down
He drove home
He looked up to God and he prays
He says please will you make it rain

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Tamworth Regional Council acknowledges the Gamilaroi/Kamilaroi people, who are the Traditional Custodians of this land. We would like to pay respect to Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in and visiting our region.