All visitors and residents are obliged to adhere to the Traffic Management Plan during the Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth.

  • Peel Street Stalls – Brisbane Street to Fitzroy Street
  • Activities & Stalls – Peel St (between Fitzroy & White), Fitzroy St, Kable Ave, Toyota Park

See locations on the Festival CBD map here.
For dates and specifics of road closures please refer to this public notice.

Access to closed roads

Those requiring access to closed roads during the Festival period may apply for a permit to enter closed roads.

A permit allows you to access closed roads at restricted times and via identified entry points.

Applications for a permit can only be applied for in person from Council’s Customer Service office at 474 Peel Street. The Council office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30pm.

Vehicular access into the CBD will be restricted to permitted vehicles under the following conditions:

  • 10km/hour speed limit
  • Managed access using marshalls/security personnel
  • Vehicular access only with appropriate permit

Entry points to the closed road network will only be via the following locations:

  • Peel Street at White Street roundabout
  • Kable Avenue at White Street roundabout to the No.1 Oval driveway (no through access)
  • Kable Avenue at Brisbane Street to the Atrium business carpark (no through access)

Note: rigid vehicles are restricted to two axles & under seven metres long