Let’s celebrate sustainability this festival!

Our sustainability scout, Sonny, is so excited to have you here in Tamworth.

Sonny has some super sustainability tips for you to remember as you are out and about enjoying all the great gigs, food, and shopping across the region.

Water Saving Tips

During your stay in the Tamworth region help our community by being waterwise indoors and outdoors.

The following tips will save water and stretch our water for longer so our region can continue to thrive.

  1. Keep your showers short
    There are many reasons to keep shower times short while you visit the country music capital. Don’t forget to put these learnings into practice when you return home!Taking shorter showers not only saves water -saving money on your water bill – but it also saves on energy costs associated with heating water.Modern water efficient showerheads use no more than 9 litres of water per minute, while older style showerheads can use up to 20 litres per minute.
  2. If you see a leak – report it!
    A dripping tap has the potential to waste up to 12,000 litres of precious drinking water per year.If you are visiting our region and you see a leak, you can report it directly to Council through the Customer Service phone number 1300 733 625If you live in the Tamworth region, download the MyTRC App where you can report leaks, check which water restrictions are in place and learn about waste services.
  3. Use the half-flush
    Using the half-flush on a toilet is a simple way to save water every day.A top rated dual flush toilet can save the average home up to 35,000 litres per year! These toilets use 4.5 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for a half flush.

Let’s talk rubbish

Help keep our region beautiful and clean.

  • Reduce single use plastics.
  • Empty food and drink containers before you put them in the yellow lid bin.
  • Remember your refillable drink bottles.

Let’s power change

Want to help us power change for our region by learning to become more energy smart during your stay?

Use the following tips to help reduce strain on electricity whilst staying in accommodation plus, these tips can be used at home to help save you money on your next energy bill. Now that’s saving!

  • Make sure to switch off unnecessary lights and other appliances when leaving the room.
  • Keep your air conditioner temperature between 20oC and 22oC or for optimal energy savings set to 24oC.
  • Bonus tip – want to learn ways you might be able to save money on electricity and become a more sustainable household? Learn more here.



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