Find us at corner Peel and Fitzroy Streets, Tamworth

Check out the line up from our last festival - stay tuned for #TCMF2022 info!


9:20am Not Available Aaron Jurd Dan Higgins ABC Broadcast - Set Up Cavalcade Emma Jene
9:40am Not Available Loren Ryan Cassidy-Rae Haystack Mountain Hermits
10:00am Not Available Heath Milner Fredbear Charlie Collins Blake O'Connor Loren Ryan Ashleigh Dallas Saltbush Haystack Mountain Hermits
10:20am Not Available Benny Allen Great Aunt Luke O'Shea Bill Chambers Liam Brew Amber Lawrence Luke Dickens Tyson Lucas
10:40am Not Available A Band Called Twang Kaitlyn Thomas ABC Broadcast 2020 Toyota Star Maker - El Cosgrove Tyson Lucas
11:00am Queen of Country Music Sashing Darren Colston Katie Jayne Chelsea Berman Redneck Gentlemen
11:20am Queen Sashing Not Available Lindsay Waddington Bryce Sainty Glen Harrison Jasmine Rae Andrew Farriss Melanie Dyer 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Juliet Oliver Redneck Gentlemen
11:40am Queen Sashing Montgomery Church Melissa Bajric Jessica Emily Odgers Hudson Rose Cassi Marie Not Available 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Leigha Moore Claudia Tripp Copperline
12:00pm Brett Clarke Aleyce Simmonds Dale Hooper Kristy Cox Angus Gill 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Zoey Mills Not Available Fanny Lumsden SaltbushSix Copperline
12:20pm Lance Birrell Danielle Todd Stephanie Penrose 2020 Toyota Star Maker - Sammy White Judah Kelly 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Hannah May Not Available Brad Butcher 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Jarred Taylor Ryan James
12:40pm Jasmine Atkins Ben Mastwyk & His Million$ Tammy Moxon Kelly Cork Abby Christo Warren H Williams Amber Lawrence Felicity Urquhart Josh Setterfield Georgia State Line
1:00pm Not Available The Long and Short of It Zoey & Leyon Dana Hassell The Weeping Willows Christie Lamb Adam Eckersley Band Mason Hope Not Available Georgia State Line
1:20pm   Darlinghurst Peter Campbell Keely Johnson James Blundell Blake O'Connor Pete Cullen Jetty Road Open Season Emme Lentino and Sam Bartells
1:40pm Kell Michelle Gardiner Not Available Luke Dickens Roo Arcus Hurricane Fall Michael Waugh Kirsty Lee Akers Della Harris Emme Lentino and Sam Bartells
2:00pm Aly Cook Ella & Sienna The Tony Q Band Shelley & Lawrie Minson Darren Coggan Brothers 3 Not Available Galaxy of Stars Kate Hindle 2020 Busking Finalists
2:20pm   Gareth Leach Zac & George Oh Harlow Homegrown 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Taylor Pfeiffer Andrew Swift The April Family
2:40pm Jodi Vaughan Nathan Seeckts Emily Barker Bec Hance Kevin Sullivan Missy Lancaster Ben Ransom Not Available Andy Penkow Dan Mullins
3:00pm Ainslie Allen Charlie Fittler Band Rory Phillips Hayley Marsten Gina Timms Southbound Mr Cowboy Sophia Chesworth Watling & Bates Dan Mullins
3:20pm Bronwyn Halley Harriet Kelly The Sweet Jelly Rolls Kora Naughton Innocent Eve Rachael Fahim Laura Frank Casey Barnes Emma Dykes Brett Clarke
3:40pm Charlie Finn Big Sky Mountain Alan & Trace Carrot Bowen & The Collective 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Clancy Pye Liam Brew 2020 Toyota Star Maker Finalist - Chloe Styler Jenny Mitchell Brooke Lambert Brett Clarke
4:00pm Sky Valley Al Buchan Eight Second Ride Gretta Ziller Ian Burns Band Rosie Roberts Natalie Henry Dana Hassall Buddy Knox The Mason Boys
4:20pm Brewn Jase Lansky Scarlet's Way Andy Nelson Blake Dantier Taylor Moss Aaron D'Arcy Brooke Schubert Chris Matthews The Mason Boys
4:40pm Jemma Beech Mark Shay Not Available Lloyd Back Kathryn Luxford Bec Lavelle Matt Ward Mickey Pye Brendan Smoother Glenn Bidmead
5:00pm Outlaw Ave Alexis & Suzie Duo Texas Strangers Colt Seavers Dani Young Karin Page The Floyd Black Band The Hillbilly Goats James Stewart Keene Glenn Bidmead
5:20pm Outlaw Ave Not Available 4 Highwaymen Ruby Gilbert Ryan Daykin The Bushwackers The Pigs The Hillbilly Goats Billie Rose Freight Train Foxes
5:40pm Goldheist Eddie Rawk 4 Highwaymen Tameka Kennedy Jake Davey The Bushwackers The Pigs Melanie Gray & The Dirty Jeans JoKeria Freight Train Foxes
6:00pm TSA Showcase TSA Showcase TSA Showcase TSA Showcase HSF Showcase Cultural Showcase Cultural Showcase Cultural Showcase Fretfest Not Available
7:00pm Not Available
8:00pm Not Available