CANCELLED: John Williamson In Concert

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CANCELLED: John Williamson In Concert

Infinity--Infinity mins
Show Cancelled

Ticket holders will be contacted by the Entertainment Venues Ticketing Team via email over the next few days.

Unfortunately, due to an accident on his property two days ago, John has to cancel/postpone the following upcoming shows:

1. Tamworth Town Hall - Friday 26 January
2. Redland Performing Arts Centre – Thursday 1 February
3. Ipswich Civic Centre – Friday 2 February
4. Empire Theatre Toowoomba – Saturday 3 February

John was working on one of his artistic passions - sculpture art, when a large rock crushed his hand and he had to undergo immediate surgery.

The good news is that he will recover completely, but it will take a number of weeks to heal before he can perform again.

John is so disappointed he’ll miss his regular Town Hall concert at TCMF 2024 but will be back in 2025.
We will advise, as soon as possible, new dates for the shows at Redland, Ipswich and Toowoomba, so please hold on to your tickets until further notice.

We appreciate your understanding and all wish John well for his speedy recovery.

Cheers from the John Williamson Team

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