18-27 January 2019

Busking in Tamworth


Applications for TCMF2019 are now open! Click here to register 

The Toyota Country Music Busking Championships is one of the most anticipated aspects of the Festival each year - up to 400 buskers performing on Tamworth’s “Boulevard of Dreams” in Peel Street.

Some of the buskers are here in the hope that they’ll be spotted for their talent and follow in the footsteps of some of country’s biggest stars. Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, and of course Keith Urban all started by busking on Peel Street.

Some buskers, however, are just here to experience all the fun and excitement of the Festival. Whatever your reason for busking, it’s time to register for one of the biggest busking events in the world!

Haystac Mountain Hermits were named the 2018 Toyota LandCruiser Country Music Busking Champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Busking Information for Busking in 2019:

  • Busking registrations are now open - click here to register
  • Terms and Conditions can be found here
  • Buskers are encouraged to liaise with retailers in order to find a location.
  • Do I need to audition? No, you do not need to audition to busk at TCMF.
  • Do I need to register? Yes, registration is mandatory.
  • Is there a fee to busk? No, registration is free
  • Do I need Insurance? If you are registered and comply with the Terms and Conditions you will be covered by insurance (subject to the conditions of the Insurance Policy). You do not need your own public liability policy.


It all starts on the streets of Tamworth!



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Phone: (02) 6767 5555



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